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Trials to Triumphs

December 22, 2020 - Spring Valley School was recently the proud recipient of a SVS family testimony. Words cannot express how proud we are of SVS student Lizzy for her triumph described in the following message:

"My 7th grade daughter, Lizzy, volunteered to read in church today. Without the slightest hesitation or the need to be called on, she raised her hand and stepped forward as her peers and elders stood by expectantly. As she was reading, I was struck by how far she has come - from a kid reading two grades below normal to a young lady reading scriptures confidently in front of the whole church.

Church members came up to me afterwards, expressing how impressed they were - and how clear-spoken she was. Lizzy had emphasized the readings so well that her audience could not help but notice her exuding confidence. I am forever grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for Spring Valley - a school where students can truly excel."

At Spring Valley, we believe that learning differently is not an obstacle to pursuing one's passion - but rather the avenue to discovering a real strength to be shared with, and perhaps even change, our world. We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate each and every milestone reached by flourishing students like Lizzy, who now have a story of strength and hope to share.



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