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Exceptional Students, Exceptional Impact

On May 15, 2021 - Spring Valley School celebrated the Commencement of our #Classof2021. Every one of our eight graduates are enrolled in the post-secondary universities, programs, and colleges of their choice with well-merited scholarship. Scroll through the slideshow at the end of this post to find out where our graduates are headed next!

The SVS faculty, staff, and board are honored to have been apart of the pivotal years during which our students apply their strengths, learn without limits, and ultimately discover their unique talents that equip them to purposely and positively impact our world.

A myriad of record-breaking occasions elicited celebration during this #20thAnniversary year. In addition to rising above the challenges of the 2020-2021 pandemic and successfully completing a full year of hybrid instruction with our highest enrollment of 123 students - we also received some of the highest ACT scores to date at SVS, as recounted in the following parent testimonial:

"Graduating from high school does not seem like a big achievement for many, but just a few years ago, it seemed unlikely for us. Then, after tests revealed that my daughter did possess every bit of the intelligence we had presumed, we were fortunate to be introduced to Spring Valley School which specializes in exceptional students with exceptional learning differences.

After a complete turnaround following receiving the style of instruction she needed, she scored a 33 on the ACT, was accepted to multiple selective colleges, and she will be attending Birmingham-Southern College in the Honors Program with merit-based financial aid. Her collegiate plans are to pursue psychology for the purpose of being a mental health advocate and helper of other similar students." - Jerris Johnson, parent of Ella Johnson (Class of 2021)

Exceptional people make exceptional impact. At Spring Valley School, our purpose for equipping bright students with learning differences for their individual success is directly inspired by the unique difference they will make in the lives of others. Please join us in celebrating our 2021 graduates and their decisions to #makestrengthscount for the betterment of our world:



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