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Alumni Spotlight Joseph Williamson

Spring Valley School recently reconnected with Alumnus Joseph Williamson (Class of 2018). Joseph shared about his time at SVS and how it impacted his career following:

"Attending Spring Valley School improved my academic confidence and hunger for learning. Being a student with severe dyslexia made it hard for me to comprehend subjects in a timely manner. This barrier made it almost impossible for me to learn efficiently in public school, but when I began going to SVS, the smaller class sizes allowed teachers to have one-on-one time with me, making sure I understood every subject.

One resource at Spring Valley School that helped me the most was having a dedicated class to help me read. At public school, special education was not adequate for my needs. I remember just being in a classroom with 40 other kids behind a computer program where the teachers didn't even help me. At SVS, I had a class of six with a teacher devoted to helping me be more confident in my reading skills."

After graduating from SVS, I attended Shelton State College to learn welding. I completed their two-year certificate program in only one year, which helped me to secure a job in my field much sooner than my classmates. I have been working as a welder for almost five years now, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else." - Joseph Williamson, SVS Class of 2018


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