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The SVS Difference

February 25, 2021 -

"The greatest thing that Spring Valley does for our students is allow each of them to shine." - Mike Boody, Faculty Member at SVS

Upper School English teacher Mike Boody kicks off our faculty series, The Spring Valley Difference, designed to share the unique difference that Spring Valley School makes in the lives of the extraordinary students we serve.

In this episode, Mr. Boody helps shine a spotlight on student leadership opportunities found within our learning spaces, made possible by the versatile classroom formats at SVS.

As you'll hear, "Teachers and students at SVS are able to work together to bring about change in the lives of our peers, in our community at-large, and in our students' academic futures."

Please join us as we step into the classroom for a closer look at the SVS Experience:


March 2, 2021 - "The difference SVS means to our students is that they are no longer defined by their difficulties in learning" - 4th Grade Teacher and Reading Interventionist Lori Deavers continues our faculty series, The Spring Valley Difference, by opening up her classroom to recap the Reading Intervention program and the opportunities it presents for SVS students within and beyond our doors:

March 11, 2021 - "At SVS, our students tap into the light within themselves that they didn't know existed. Our role as educators is to continuously bring out the best version of our students and to cheer them forward." - Athletics Director Coach Trice Green

June 17, 2021 - SVS faculty, and particularly our Reading Interventionists, have the unique opportunity of teaching the same students over consecutive years. This means that the needs of the individual learner are understood and met by educators who find joy in watching their students progress confidently through the program.

"Seeing our students reach above and beyond what they initially thought they were capable of is the most rewarding part of teaching at SVS." - 2nd Grade Teacher and Reading Interventionist Shana Sherrod


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