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Developmental Language Disorder: Applications for Advocacy, Research, and Clinical Service

An introduction DLD by Tiffany Hogan, a research partner of SVS -

Exploratory Study of a Self-Regulation Mathematical Writing Strategy: Proof-of-Concept -

Elizabeth M. Hughes, Joo-Young Lee, Michelle Cook, and Paul J. Riccomini (member of the SVS Research Board)

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Dyslexia and Developmental Language Disorder: comorbid disorders with distinct effects on reading comprehension

Examining the overlap of DLD and Dyslexia -

Differential Diagnosis of Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and OWL LD: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Evidence


An open-access assessment platform grounded in ongoing research by the Stanford Reading & Dyslexia Research Program

The science behind ROAR (Rapid online assessment of reading ability)

AimsWeb - a benchmark assessment system that effectively tracks individual student progress (grades 1-8 at SVS) in the subject areas of reading and math for the purpose of informing curriculum development, parent insight into their student's progress, and school-wide decision making on instruction. 



Lauren Day

Speech Language Pathologist


Kevin Campbell, PhD

Director of Research, Spring Valley School

SVS Talent Initiative

Sandra Foster

College Prep

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