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Teaching Fifth-Grade Students With Specific Learning Disabilities to Explain Their Mathematical Reasoning Through Written Expression

Paul J. Riccomini, PhD1, Elizabeth E. Hughes, PhD1,

Divya Deshpande, PhD1, Joo Young Lee, MS1,

Laura Fiveash, DrPH2, and Tzu-Hsing Lin, MEd1

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Developmental Language Disorder: Applications for Advocacy, Research, and Clinical Service

An introduction DLD by Tiffany Hogan, a research partner of SVS -

Exploratory Study of a Self-Regulation Mathematical Writing Strategy: Proof-of-Concept -

Elizabeth M. Hughes, Joo-Young Lee, Michelle Cook, and Paul J. Riccomini (member of the SVS Research Board)

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Dyslexia and Developmental Language Disorder: comorbid disorders with distinct effects on reading comprehension

Examining the overlap of DLD and Dyslexia -

Differential Diagnosis of Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and OWL LD: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Evidence


An open-access assessment platform grounded in ongoing research by the Stanford Reading & Dyslexia Research Program

The science behind ROAR (Rapid online assessment of reading ability)

AimsWeb - a benchmark assessment system that effectively tracks individual student progress (grades 1-8 at SVS) in the subject areas of reading and math for the purpose of informing curriculum development, parent insight into their student's progress, and school-wide decision making on instruction. 



Lauren Day

Speech Language Pathologist


Kevin Campbell, PhD

Director of Research, Spring Valley School

SVS Talent Initiative

Sandra Foster

College Prep

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