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Admission Process

Spring Valley School exists to serve students with average to above-average intelligence who have been diagnosed with a language or mathematics-based learning difference such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or Dyscalculia. While some of our students have a secondary diagnosis such as ADHD, our program does not accommodate students with behavioral or emotional difficulties.

To learn more about the students we exist to serve, please click on the SVS Fast Facts infographic.


Traditionally, Spring Valley School accepts new students through grade 10.  Juniors and Seniors are are not generally admitted unless the student is transferring to the school from a similar out of state school.


Admission to Spring Valley School is based upon the following criteria:

  • Determination by the school that placement at Spring Valley School is appropriate for the applicant and the school.

  • Availability of student opening at appropriate grade level.

  • Agreement of family to pay full tuition unless scholarship help is requested and granted.

Interested in Spring Valley School but unsure if you are ready to apply?
Please fill out this Rapid Response Form and our Admissions Coordinator will be in touch!

Thank you for your interest in SVS! We look forward to being in touch.

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging at Spring Valley School

Embracing, respecting, and supporting diversity is at the heart of the Spring Valley School experience, as the School exists to educate students with learning differences and to equip them to lead fulfilling and productive lives. To this end, the School strives to be an inclusive community in which all of its members, students, staff, and parents, feel a sense of belonging and support, and where each party is respected for their unique strengths, contributions, and experiences. The School recognizes that diversity is a broad and multidimensional term that includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, race, religious background, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status.

Spring Valley School seeks to be a community in which every individual is treated with sensitivity and respect. The School strives to foster an environment that recognizes and honors the unique qualities, personalities, and backgrounds of its community members. It is extremely important that every member of Spring Valley maintains common trust and establishes an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and sensitivity.


Admission Steps
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