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SVS Named Winner of the Inaugural Catalyze Birmingham Challenge

March 1, 2024 -- Spring Valley School (SVS) has been named a winner of the inaugural Catalyze Birmingham Challenge! As one of five winning organizations chosen from over 70 applicants, we will use this funding to pilot innovative career-connected opportunities for neurodiverse learners and equip employers to transform their workspaces by giving ample access to the most sought-after talents that these exceptional individuals possess.

In alignment with the mission of SVS is our commitment to engaging the community at-large and instilling within all neurodiverse learners that they can achieve their career goals when immersed in an environment that supports their unique strengths. This grant will fund a two-day career and internship expo that will connect school graduates with career paths and employers that both reflect their strengths and provide first-hand vocational experience.

Creating inclusive and accommodating work environments not only benefits the individual, but also leads to increased productivity and innovation in the workplace. Being a grant recipient of the Catalyze Birmingham Challenge enables SVS to amplify this message and collaborate with partnering organizations as we equip neurodiverse learners to advance to a position of actively pursuing the career of their choice.

The SVS community celebrates this honor and looks forward to distributing further details as they become available. 


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