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Hannah Creel

Music Instruction

Since I was a child I have been drawn to music. Singing has always been a passion of mine; it
gave me a sense of belonging and solace. It provided me with the opportunity to express myself
in ways that words could not. I believe music is one of the most wonderful gifts and everyone
should have the opportunity to partake in it.
I enjoy teaching and planning lessons with my students in mind. I aim for students’ individual
interests and talents to be valued in our lessons. I desire to create a space that students can
increase in their musicianship, as well as confidence. One of my favorite aspects of teaching is
when students begin to understand concepts that they could not prior. As a teacher, I feel it is
incredibly important that students enjoy what they are learning, and music is not an exception. I
aspire for students to feel empowered by gaining appreciation for music. I am passionate about
making music education accessible to all. In the classroom I enjoy encouraging my students to
try their best in learning and exploring music, while developing musical skills they can take with
them throughout life.
As I have worked in local schools, programs, and communities alongside students with learning
differences, I am grateful to be working with the wonderful faculty, staff, parents, and
students at Spring Valley School!

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