Alumni Garden​

We invite our alumni families to participate in our Alumni Garden with a custom inscribed brick. Each brick symbolizes the foundation and the path that you now travel as a graduate of Spring Valley School. The bricks are

a focal point of the garden, and are a beautiful way to recognize your legacy.

The cost of each brick is $150, or $250 for a replica included to gift to your alum. Funds raised go to the SVS Scholarship Fund, enabling more bright students with learning differences to attend SVS. Bricks will be inscribed with the name and graduation year of each alum. Bricks may be purchased by alumni, their parents, or others in honor of

a SVS graduate.

Questions about Alumni Bricks: Contact Kristen Jackson


SVS One Hundred

Invitation to become a Founder. Sustainer. Hero.

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Spring Valley School creating brighter futures for students with learning differences, we are searching for the first 20 Charter Members of SVS One Hundred. 
SVS One Hundred is a special body of 100 donors pledging $100 per month to help Spring Valley School succeed in embracing and empowering students to achieve their highest levels of academic success and personal growth.  SVS One Hundred donations will ensure that our students continue to receive an exceptional education with modern technology and well trained teachers for many years to come.  To that end, funds received from the SVS One Hundred will primarily support scholarships for deserving students, upgrades in classroom technology, and on-going teacher training.
With your recurring monthly gift of $100, you will help sustain Spring Valley School and its scholars by fulfilling our current greatest needs and providing hope and opportunity for our students along their academic journey. Please become an essential supporter of Spring Valley School’s commitment to helping children succeed in the classroom and to ensure no child in our community is left behind.