Gladys Schaefer

Dean of Humanities, Reading Intervention

Gladys Schaefer relishes her role as Reading Interventionist at Spring Valley School. She holds a Masters of Education from Regent University and a BBA from the University of Montevallo. Her passion is to help students fulfill their individual potential. As a wife and mother of six, she has spent the past few decades involved in her children’s education, including public, private and homeschool arenas. Her vision is derived from British educationist, Charlotte Mason, who believed, “It may be that the souls of all children are awaiting the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living”. She currently serves as President of the Alabama Chapter of the International Dyslexia Association as well as being on the board of the Charlotte Mason Institute. She is one of the co-founding parents of Decoding Dyslexia, Alabama and founded Alabama Dyslexia Friends. With her private practice, The Glad Life, she has helped numerous students learn to succeed. She speaks across the US on learning differences to various audiences including parents, university professors and students.