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Spring Valley School Announces New Governing Board President

Spring Valley School (SVS) is located in Birmingham, AL and its mission is to provide excellence in education for bright students with learning differences (such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and ADHD) in grades 1-12. SVS has announced Dr. David Finn as the new president of their Governing Board of Directors.

Dr. David M. Finn is a retired Professor of Special Education at Samford University and also served as the Chair of the School of Education Committee on Global Engagement. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Multiple Disabilities, a Master's in Educational Psychology and a doctorate in Special Education (Generic with a concentration in Orthopedic/Health Disabilities).

David is a frequent keynote speaker at state, national and international conferences most recently in Beirut, Lebanon, Dubai and Taiwan. His research interests include serving refugee children in the Middle East who have special needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Educational Neuroscience, and school safety.

His publications include a co-authored textbook on special education, books chapters, research articles and a variety of tests for families of young children with special needs. He recently collaborated with several colleagues on a study related to the familial effects of COVID19.

Dr.Finn has faithfully served on the Spring Valley board since 2016 and, under his continued leadership, the SVS community is expectant of endless potential for programs serving Birmingham’s exceptional students into their bright futures.


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