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"NORMAL ISN'T REAL: Succeeding with Learning Disabilities and ADHD"

1 in 5 of all people worldwide struggle with learning differences. Join Birmingham's leaders, parents, professionals and advocates in the movement to support dyslexia education and empower students to claim their bright futures. You do not want to miss this first-ever screening for the state of Alabama! This film has already been shown in over 15 states.

"NORMAL ISN’T REAL: Succeeding with Learning Disabilities & ADHD" features four successful young adults sharing their stories of coming to terms with their LD and ADHD issues. These candid portraits take the viewer into the subjects' daily lives; showcasing their talents, venting their frustrations, and employing the strategies they use to manage their challenges and utilize their strengths. They come from diverse backgrounds, and their journeys are as unique and varied as the careers they have developed. They have all become experts on themselves and what they need to succeed.


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