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"Everything is fine now," says SVS Teacher, Parent and Student

“For the child with a learning difference, public school is simply unable to provide the necessary interventions these students (some with multiple learning disability diagnoses) need to succeed — and that is what happened with Nathaniel, - Catie Kesterson, SVS Parent and Middle School English Teacher

During her time teaching in public school, Catie met a student who had previously attended Spring Valley. It was around this time that Catie noticed her own son, Nathaniel, struggling in his classes and not wanting to go to school. He was starting to seem low and depressed, as she described, and his self-confidence was plummeting. He was “unhappy.”

“That is when I started exploring Spring Valley and eventually wound up teaching here. I am just so thankful,” Catie said. Nathaniel started Spring Valley in Fall of 2020 and has reading intervention class 5 times each week. Since Nathaniel started at SVS, his parents have seen a huge difference in his attitude toward school as well as his academic progress.

Nathaniel explains, “At Spring Valley, they just get me. I want to go to school because all of the teachers, and all of the kids - they just get me.”

“Nathaniel is one of these kids who learns differently—so many students do—and now at Spring Valley, he gets everything he needs,” Catie said.

“Everything is fine now—I love art and I love to draw—and I love my teachers and my friends. I love Spring Valley. - Nathaniel Kesterson, 5th grade



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