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Encouraging Your Student to Read this Summer

We have reached the mid-way point of summer break, and many parents are checking into the progress that their student is making on their summer reading list. Here are some tips for encouraging your student in the final stretch of page-turning:

1. Visit the Bookstore

Instill within your child the ownership of handpicking books that they will enjoy. This typically means that the subject matter matches their interests and will help them expand their worldview. Also, taking a trip to a local brick and mortar bookstore can be much more fun than hitting the Amazon Prime button. If necessary at any point, swap out for a new book or mix up the book that your student is reading for that day. For others, it may be helpful to complete their reading list in consecutive order - I.e. finishing one book before starting another.

2. Set the Scene for a Good Read

Grab a blanket and a snack, and set up a reading nook or a shady spot outside. With a designated area, your student will feel at ease and distractions will be diminished to allow the brain to dive fully into the world of reading.

3. Read On-the-Go

Have any trips planned for this summer? Add at least one of your student's books to their packing list. They can read while traveling or during any downtime that you have at your destination.

4. Invite a Reading Buddy

We all need accountability sometimes when working towards a goal. Having a reading buddy is the perfect solution. They can read together and swap books as they finish, allowing them to converse about the content. Students will simultaneously enhance their reading skills and their ability to verbally analyze literature with their peers.

5. Set Goals and Reward Progress

Just as you let your student select their books, also let them decide what their motivational reading goals will be. Make an interactive checklist that gives them a sense of accomplishment when they reach their goals. Have a conversation and come up with goals that are measurable, attainable, and that set your avid reader on a track of steady progress rather than binge-reading the week before school starts. In that same conversation, come into agreement on what the reward will be for achieving weekly checkpoints toward their goals.


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