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Today is the official kick-off for the second annual Circle of Giving Fundraiser at SVS. The campaign runs through the end of the year and our goal is $80k! Last year we raised $68,000 with 75 students. Imagine if every family of our current 100 students raised $500 or more…

Each week our film elective is working toward producing videos to remind us why we are asking! Enjoy this week's production featuring our lower school students: Circle of Giving 2018 - Playground

Here is how YOU may participate:

1) Participate in volunteer events! Over the next eight weeks, SVS will host “Give Days” (or community work days), community service events, canned food and pet supply drives, and restaurant give back nights. Also, students will write letters of thanks to donors and letters of encouragement to our troops.

2) Share the campaign on social media! Ask friends and family to consider supporting SVS. Then, follow-up with a text message or phone call.

3) Ask two or three businesses to partner with SVS! Contact us for the corporate letter, sponsorship package, agreement, and sponsor ad for distribution.

To donate, please go to and click on “donate” button in the upper righthand corner on the homepage.

With these funds, SVS will:

~ Purchase new playground equipment

~ Fund new technology options such as new Chromebooks, a laser cutter, and scan pens

~ Ensure our faculty and staff attend state-of-the-art professional development programs

~ Provide full-time SVS faculty with a retirement plan with a small match to attract and retain the brightest teachers

~Award need-based scholarships to SVS students

~ Serve as a community resource and training site

~Expand SVS' community outreach program through the Hettie Johnson Institute at SVS

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