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APRIL 1, 2021

11:00 AM CST

Understanding & Supporting

Mathematics at Home

A free webinar for parents.

 Presented by: Dr. Paul J. Riccomini

Hosted by: Spring Valley School

Spend one lunch hour with Dr. Riccomini and walk away with

practical and useful tips for parents to boost your child’s retention!

Working on Math Problems
Working on Math Problems

Take the Tension Out of

Math at Home.

A common challenge for students is remembering the math concepts learned at school. Is this a point of tension for you when helping your child prepare for tests?

Dr. Paul J. Riccomini draws upon the most currently available research-based practice for teaching mathematics and translates those practices into digestible action steps to apply at home.

Please register & join us via Zoom at 11am on April 1st!

About Dr. Riccomini

Dr. Paul J. Riccomini, Associate Professor,

The Pennsylvania State University

An experienced classroom teacher, author, mathematician, and leading special education expert, Dr. Paul J. Riccomini has taught mathematics to both general and special education students in inclusive settings in grades 7-12th.


He is co-author of the bestselling Response to Intervention in Math (Corwin, 2010) and Developing Number Sense through the Common Core (Corwin, 2013).


His teaching experiences required him to have a strong content knowledge in mathematics and to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with both general and special educators.


Paul's dynamic presentations offer research-validated practices that focus on the development of improved instructional practices for all students, but especially students with learning disabilities.


Paul can be followed on Twitter @pjr146.

More information can be found at:

Did you know?

Dr. Riccomini also serves on the Research Advisory Board at Spring Valley School. SVS faculty continue to draw from his knowledge-base for enriching their practices for explicit instruction in the classroom. Additionally, SVS students have participated in research studies under his guidance.  


Dr. Riccomini is scheduled to return to campus to conduct Professional Development for our team and we are simply thrilled! 

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Math Class